Common Mistakes to Avoid During GATE CSE Preparation

GATE, or the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is a highly competitive exam taken by students who wish to pursue a post-graduate degree in engineering. For those preparing for GATE Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), it is important to be aware of some of the Common Mistakes to Avoid During GATE CSE Preparation that can help you in order to maximize their chances of success.

Here are some of the most Common Mistakes to Avoid During GATE CSE Preparation:

Not starting early enough

Preparing for GATE CSE can require considerable time and effort, and starting late can leave you feeling overwhelmed. It’s best to start your preparation early, ideally six months to a year before the exam.

Not having a plan

To make the most effective use of your time, it’s important to have a plan of action. This should include a timeline of when to cover which topics, what resources to use, and when to take practice exams.

Skipping the basics

It’s easy to get carried away with the more advanced topics, but it’s important to cover the basics first. Understanding the fundamentals of computer science and engineering is key to success on the GATE CSE exam.

Not Revising enough

While it’s important to cover all the topics, it’s just as important to revise them. Make sure to go over your notes and practice problems regularly to ensure you’re up-to-date on all the material.

Not taking practice exams

Taking practice exams is one of the best ways to prepare for the GATE CSE. It’s important to take practice exams that closely resemble the actual exam, so you can get an accurate sense of where you stand.

Not taking breaks

Studying for the GATE CSE can be intense, and it’s important to take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Taking regular breaks will help you stay focused and energized throughout the entire preparation process.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential for proper functioning, and it’s important to get enough of it when preparing for the GATE CSE. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to ensure you’re well-rested and ready for the exam.

Not asking for help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck on a particular topic, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your professors, classmates, or online forums to get clarification and advice.

Not managing your time effectively

Time management is key to success on the GATE CSE, so it’s important to know how to manage your time effectively. Set a schedule and stick to it, and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to review.

Not staying motivated

The GATE CSE can be a long and intimidating process, and it’s important to stay motivated throughout. Set realistic goals and reward yourself when you reach them to keep your morale up.

How to become a Software Developer in 2023

Becoming a software developer in 2023 requires a combination of education, experience, and a strong understanding of the latest technologies. Here are some steps to help you achieve your goal of becoming a software developer:

A degree in computer science or a related field, such as software engineering or information technology, can provide you with a solid foundation in computer programming and software development. This will give you a good understanding of the fundamental concepts and theories that are used in software development.

Learn a programming language:

Once you have a good understanding of the basics of computer science and software development, it’s time to start learning a programming language. There are many programming languages to choose from, but some of the most popular ones include Java, Python, C++, and C#. It’s important to choose a language that you’re comfortable with and that is in high demand in the industry.

Get experience through internships or personal projects

Once you have a good understanding of a programming language and the basics of software development, it’s time to start gaining experience. One of the best ways to do this is through internships or personal projects. Internships allow you to work on real-world projects and gain experience working in a team environment. Personal projects allow you to explore your own interests and gain experience working on your own.

The software development industry is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. This can be done by reading industry blogs and publications, attending conferences, and participating in online communities.

Network on LinkedIn

Networking is an important aspect of any career, and software development is no exception. Attend local meetups, conferences and events to meet other developers and learn more about the industry. This will give you an opportunity to meet potential employers and get a better understanding of the industry.

Specialize in a Domain

There are many different types of software development, and it’s important to specialize in a specific area. Some areas of specialization include web development, mobile development, game development, and data science. Specializing in a specific area will make you more valuable to employers and increase your chances of getting a job.

Be passionate and persistent

Software development is a challenging field, and it’s important to be passionate and persistent in order to succeed. Keep learning and experimenting with new technologies, and never give up on your goal of becoming a software developer.


In conclusion, becoming a software developer in 2023 requires a combination of education, experience, and a strong understanding of the latest technologies. By obtaining a degree in computer science or a related field, learning a programming language, gaining experience through internships or personal projects, staying updated with the latest technologies and trends, networking, specializing and being passionate and persistent, you can achieve your goal of becoming a software developer. With the continuous growth and demand for software developers, the future is bright for those who pursue a career in this field.

That’s How I started Reading Books-Only 2 Pages a Day

I used to hate books a lot even reeading Only 2 Pages a Day was a difficult job for me. I started listening to Motivational Speakers but I always wonder how these motivational speaker speaks so well and use apt and catchy lines.

It was 2014 and the Nation was going through a lot of turbulance be it political, religious but for me it was Career.

I had started my career as an Software Engineer with Samsung Reseach Institute, Noida in 2012. I got an opportunity to work with a lot of brilliant minds.

We all were different but there was one unique thing among all of us. We all wanted to excel in life.

Some of them landed into top notch IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. and few of them joined adminstritive services to serve the nation and few opted to go for higher studies (M. B. A. , M. S. and M Tech from IISc and IITs).

I always wondered why I am not like them? I started looking for options to increase my productivity and find my motivation.

I wached few vidoes of Sandeep Maheshwari, Sadhguru and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar on motivation, productivity, concentration.

Finally, I decided to appear for GATE CSE in Year 2015. It was a big decision for me because I have been away from my computer science books for more than 2 Years.

Then I decided to join Made Easy Noida so that I could recollect and understand the concepts in depth with renowed teachers like Sh. Subbarao Readdy, Sh Ravikumar Peddapu, Sh. Balakrishna Veerala and Sh. Ramesh Sundaram. (Just to name a few).

I did fairly okay that year but it was not good enough to get into IIT so I tried again next year for GATE 2016.

I was having 2 choices again either to repeat the coaching or do self study. I was not having confidence in that I will be able to complete syllabus on my own.

So I decided to take a middle path and joined Ravindra Kumar Ravula’s Online Classes. He is a very good teacher and at the same time he is growth hugry person and He also wanted same with his students.

Apart from regular classes, He used to upoad some motivation videos regarding GATE and about some life stories.

During the same period, He suggested to read The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz to keep yourself motivated and he suggested to read only 2 pages per day.

I could never thought that I could ever complete a book but I did. It was an amzing achievement for me.

I don’t read many books but I would have read more than 50 books after that. I also learned Speedy Reading. I will write about it also some time.

Reading helped me to understand different perspective of life and even I started becoming more confident because I always wanted to read books but It was just a matter of start.

You too can. It is just a matter of start.

Start Small Only 2 Pages a Day !

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GATE 2023 Exam Schedule

GATE 2023 Exam Schedule is now avalable. GATE is one of the exam that gives a chance to improve your acedamics and also opens multiple career opportunities at the same time.

Through GATE, You can get admission into top IITs and IISc for you masters and also you can apply for jobs at top PSUs.

Here, I have tried to compile all the important informations realted to GATE 2023 Exam Schedule.


Any undergraduate student currently in 3rd year or higher years of any government approved program in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Arts/Commerce/Science is eligible to appear for GATE 2023.

Also, There is not age limit for the examination. All you need to do is fill the application form and prepare for it.

Important Dates :

Important DatesDescription
30th Aug, 2022Opening Date of Online Application
30th Sept, 2022Closing Date of Regular Registration
07th Oct, 2022End of Extended Period (with Late Fee)
03rd Jan, 2023Availability of GATE Admit cards for download
4th, 5th, 11th & 12th Feb, 2023Exam Dates
15th Feb, 2023Candidate’s response available on Application portal
21st Feb, 2023Answer keys available on Application portal
22nd to 25th Feb, 2023Submission of challenges by candidates on Answer Keys
16th Mar, 2023Announcement of Results for GATE 2023
21st Mar, 2023Score Card available for Download

Examination Cities:

GATE Official site also elisted zone wise examination cities.

Zone 1IISc Bangalore
Zone 2 IIT Bombay
Zone 3 IIT Delhi
Zone 4 IIT Guwahati
Zone 5 IIT Kanpur
Zone 6 IIT Kharagpur
Zone 7 IIT Madras
Zone 8 IIT Roorkee

You can see the completed list at below link:

List of Examination Cities


There is not much change in the syllabus for GATE CSE. There are 10 sections mentioned in the syllabus.

These are Engineering Mathematics, Digital Logic, Computer Organization and Architecture, Programming and Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Compiler Design, Operating System, Databases, Computer Networks.

It can be viewed at GATE CSE Syllabus

GATE Official website also enlisted syllabus of other streams as well. You can find it here.

If you wan to appear for GATE 2022 Exam then you may visit the official website of GATE 2023.

Application will start from 30th August 2022. You can login here to fill your GATE 2023 application.

Finally, I wish you all the very best for your eaxmination and more importantly preparation.

Also, You are always welcome to ask any question in comment section related to GATE 2023 Exam Schedule or Preparation.

10 things I have learned about investing

Its been more than 10 years since I have been investing into stock market, mutual funds and insurances. I have learned a lot lesson from my good and bad decisions. I think its worth sharing to everyone.

  1. SIPs does wonder in long run. I have started my first SIP in year October 2013 in a Fund namely ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund – Regular Plan – Growth. I started with merely 2K monthly and It has become around 3 Lakhs.
  2. Mutual Fund Distributors do not suggest index fund despite it has beaten more than 90% of active funds in long run in past because Index Funds comes with way lesser expense ratio than active funds so the Distributor’s commission becomes even lesser. One should Invest in index funds even if you don’t know about market because India is going to grow no matter what. I will not show any comparison but I have given an index fund performance 
    UTI Nifty Index Fund - Direct Plan

    UTI Nifty Index Fund – Direct Plan

    Note : I personally like Nifty 50 over Sensex that’s why I have taken Nifty for showing return
  3. Emergency Fund should be an first step towards you investment journey. Everyone of us like to earn more and lead a healthy and prosperous life. If I will ever have a super power, then I will make this a fundamental right for everyone until then one should start investing for a better future. But There is a very interesting fact that most of the people have no idea how much is their monthly expense?  Its very common question people ask before investing is that “Will I be able to withdraw my money if I am in a need of it?” 
  4. Life Insurance is must to have. You should purchase at least one life insurance specially term plan with only natural and accidental death cover of 20X of you current yearly income. I am not suggesting to take any rider because it inflate the insurance cost unimaginably high.
  5. LIC Policies are not investment plans. You must be wondering , Why I am saying so. I got my first LIC policy namely Jeevan Saral (Plan-165) on 12 Sep 2009 and It got matured in 2019 and  I have paid premium of 2450 Quarterly (~800 Rs per month). I have paid about 96K as investment but guess how much I got ?  It was 1.21 Lakh only but if the same amount would have been invested in a value fund then I would have got more than 1.45 Lakh easily.
  6. Purchasing a house is not an investment unless you have black money or you are owning it to live in it. Real Estate is not a good investment until you are getting rent or annuity of ~7%. Still Real Estate has very soft corner in the people’s heart. Specially in villages, I have been asked this question many times: “तोहार केतना खेत बाटे?” . They understand it as symbol of prosperity which is actually not.
  7. There is something very much interesting about ULIP. Some of its promoters says, ULIP is “इनवेस्टमेंट भी इंसुरेंस भी” and My reaction to it is “कुछ भी 👊”. I am again these ULIP plans because they neither create good wealth nor give better risk cover. So it actually becomes like “Dhobi ka Kutta”.  I always prefer to keep insurance and investment portfolio completely separate. 

  8. You are going to get low interest if you are paying low interest on your home loans. We all hate low return on our safe investments like term deposits like bank’s FD, Post Office’s Saving Certificate but we love the low interest rates on the home loans. Its practically impossible to get good rate of return on our safe investment and home loans on lower return.
  9. Watching TV Channels on stocks market are not gonna help you in getting rich. I used to see people wearing suit boot and giving financial advise on how to make money from stock market. I always wonder if this fellow knows this much about stock market then why is the on TV. He should be making money and chilling out somewhere else.
  10. Trading will never make your rich instead it will surely makes your broker rich. Every time you trade you take additional leverage and trade values more than 10 to 20 times more money than you actually have in your trading account and at the end of the session 
These are from my personal experiences and I will keep on adding new ones with time. Please let me know if I missed anything that should have been enlisted.

My Experience with Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness have become buzz word now a days for good reasons. Meditation means “reflect upon” or “contemplate”.  I experience it first time while reading and contemplating a book i.e. the Power of Now by Echort Tolle. It is indeed a very practical book with practical techniques to observe and control one’s mind. I am not an avid meditator but here are some of my experiences with meditation:
1. Uncomfortable at starting it:
It is quite common with me. I always plan that I will meditate after my office hours but I feel so difficult to start the same. Sometimes I have so much of weird though in my mind that this is going to happen  or that will happen if i close my eyes and detach myself from my phone and people.
2. Uncomfortable in sitting in a posture:
In starting few minutes like 5-10 mins i feel normal but after that I feel like my legs are freezing. I feel like moving my legs.
3. Dullness and Confusion:
These are quite common things that happens to me number of times after meditation. I feel incomplete and also it feel like whether I did good or something went wrong. I can say that It is one of the vrittis mentioned by Maharshi Patanjali in Samadhi Pada i.e. Pramana.
4. Excess sleepiness:
I feel so much calm after the meditation but at the same time sometimes I fee so much of the excess sleep. I try not sleep at that time but don’t feel like doing anything else as well.
5. Things fall on line automatically:
After I strated meditating regularly, Things has started to sort out on its own. I started waking up in morning just to feel calm and silence when I meditate. It has also regulated my sleep since i hit the bed early and i found enough time to get ready for everyday stuffs.
6. Peacefulness:
There happened a incident when my boss was so tense because something went wrong. He was so furious and gave 1 hours of lecture. I simply listened to him. Then he asked what to do now? I answered that problems has already been solved !
7. Stillness in mind:
Meditation is kind of practice to get mind to self whenever it goes outside and stuck in non-essential stuffs.
I do get other experiences as well but that I don’t want to bind into mere words.
For a beginner, I would recommend to start with guided meditation i.e. Panchkosha Meditation. I am giving one of my favorite among all by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar:

My Experience with Sri Sri Yoga Level-II

After completion of my Online Sri Sri Yoga Level-I, I was so much keen to join the Online Sri Sri Yoga Level-II and to continue these yoga practices for longer enough to make it a daily routine of mine. My expectations with level 2 was like, I will do some next level yoga. I was expecting to learn some more challenging postures and Asanas but nothing of that sort I found.

In fact after completing the course, I realised that difficult and challenging postures are not the real Yoga. True meaning of Yoga is when you are in harmony with your body, mind and breath.

Guided meditation in Gurudev’s voice is always a blessing in all of the Art of Living courses.

Best part of this Online Sri Sri Yoga Level – II was that I got to know about “Patanjali Yoga Sutra”. I have always heard of it and have made perception of it but never experienced it. It was my fortune to listen the Gurudev’s commentary on most of the sutras of Samadhi Pada. He explains things so easily and practically that you can actually feel it. After listening few Sutras, i though, Why I have not read it before.

One Sutra which I personally liked that is : स तु दीर्घकालनैरंतर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढभूमि ||

I love it not only because it tell about a way for a seeker but also It very practical for everyone else. This sutra tells, “one should practice his duty(/yog/practices) with honour(/respect/love) to be perfect for long time.There are many more such Sutras and Maharshi Patanjali has compiled the whole human behaviour, ailment and its solutions in this book.

We alway have some or other doubt (Sansay) but on the path of yoga you can not have doubt. Either you have to clear the doubt or you will stop moving on the path of Yoga. Maharshi Patanjali has enlisted nine obstacles on the path of yoga. Doubt (Sansay) is one of those. I am reminding it because I always had this doubt in my mind that how is Sudarshan Kriya helpful and where is it mentioned in the scriptures? I was kind of constantly looking for Praman of this question.

Then something amazing happened on 4th day of Online Sri Sri Yoga Level -II, Gurudev explained a Sutra from “Patanjali Yoga Sutra” that cleared all of my doubt about “Sudarshan Kriya”.

I also experience the Subtle Strengthening and healing Contractions (Sahasi) technique in this course. It’s really and amazing practice for whole body nerve. This technique is really awesome.

I also got to learn about the Shankhaprakshalana Kriya. It an ayurvedic technique for physical purification because it will clean the intestine tract by removing the impurities with salty water. This practice is also known as “Varisar Dhouti”. Please practice this technique only in the presence of Yoga Teacher.

I would recommend everyone to join these yoga courses. You will get better health and mind after the course.

Jai Gurudev


How I learned Sudarshan Kriya?

I have completed my schooling from Maharshi Arvind Vidya Madir and there was a whole subject for Sharirik Shiksha in class 6th, 7th and 8th. I have had learned few Asanas there but I lacked practicing it later during my college days.
I have forgotten Yoga completely until I got to know my father is going for group yoga in morning. Papa used to tell me about Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhati but I never took it seriously.
I got enthusiastic about yoga and meditation again after listening so many people from west explaining benefits of it.
Specially when I got to know Steve Jobs has came to India for seeking some spiritual knowledge 😇.
It actually opened my eyes.After that I started listening people like Sandeep Maheshwari, Khursed Bataliwala (Bawa), Sadhguru and even Echort Tolle.
Between all of this quest, I got to know about Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar because of ongoing preparation of World Cultural Festival in 2016.
I searched about Him and I found myself so attached to Him. Later, When I got to know that Bawa is his disciple then I was very much clear about what to do.
I have heard about Sudarshan Kriya by one of the Art of Living Volunteer at IIT Madras Campus for the very first time.
Then searched about it over internet and I found an answer on Quora by Bawa himself and then I did not have any other thought expect to learn this amazing technique as soon as possible.
I made a call at Art of Living Bengaluru Ashram and got a closest and nearest Happiness Program by Johan Arora and Anshul Arora.
The Location was 15 Kms away from where I was staying and 5 Kms away from my Office. I choose evening time to that I could manage it with my office. I attended this course and It was really an eye opener for me.
I would recommend everyone to attend this awesome program so that you will become happy and spread happiness 😃.
Jai Gurudev 🙏

5 Things to do with Your First Salary

When I was in college, I used to make lot of hypothetical plans in my mind that I am gonna do this and that after I get my first First Salary. But the underlying reality is, When you get your first salary and you cannot do everything you have planned with it because it is the lowest pay cheque of your life.

When I received my first salary, I used to login and see the balance in my account for no reason and I used to feel so happy just by seeing it. I don’t have exact idea but i must have done it at least 20 times at first.  What did you do? Please comment below 👇

I am writing this with my 8 years experience of wasting, investing and learning money. I have seen youngsters wasting their money on the wrong things. With their money, they either make rich to bigger clothing brands by purchasing branded clothings, phones, bike… or spend money on so called fun things like drinking, smoking etc.

I do a lot of talking on investing money and financial planning with my colleagues and friends and sometimes they criticise me for this. Then I kinda remind myself what Aristotle said long back :

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.

So I have made a list of 5 things to do after you receive your first salary. Here they are

Get a Term Insurance

You will meet many new people around you and these faces will change around you. One things will always be the same i.e. Your family. Most of the people who start earning they become sole bread winner to their family after parents gets retire.

No body has foreseen the future and causality might happens. But just imagine, What will happens to your near and dear one when you are no more. Nothing can complete that void but Yes, Insurance amount can support your family in your absence. So do think about this once.

Terms Insurances are cheaper once you get it at early age. It is comparatively offers high risk cover in less amount compare to other. endowment plans.

Note: I am not promoting this plan rather I am simply giving an idea that you can have an insurance cover of Rs 1 Crore by merely spending Rs 552 per month.

Get a Medical Insurance 

Causality is something that comes always uninvited and in the most unwilling times.  You need to protect yourself from financila threat of huge medical expenses. You should take a medical plan for yourself and your family  specially when wearing mask, social distancing have become new normal.
You must see how the world is witnessing new deadly diseases like Zika virus,Corona Virus and so many flues. If you or any of your family member met with any of these disease you gonna bleed financially like anything.

So It becomes very very important for you to have a Health Insurance. You may feel like these things are unnecessary burden to you but believe me its worth taking one and It’s an essential part of Financial Planning.

Note: This is just to give you an idea that you can have an health insurance of 5 lakhs annually in just Rs 363 per Month.

Start Building an Emergency fund

Normally, We do not believe in making an emergency fund because we are reluctant to accept the fact that change can happen any time.  But We forget the fact that almost nothing is in our hand.
In todays scenarios, It is very easy for me to explain why an emergency fund is important because of the lockdown we must have heard of people getting fired from their jobs or not getting salary during the lockdown.
Also lets take a simple scenario, Where everything is normal (I mean the old normal not the new one). Your are attending office at 9 AM and leaving at 5 PM and enjoying at home afterwards and all of sudden you got to know you phone is not working or it got broke. Now you got to know that it gonna cost Rs 8000 for the screen or it’s completely not working . What will you do then?
I know its completely hypothetical but such incidences happen now and then. What will you do then who will you ask for credit? In case you are planning for credit card then you are simply shifting the burden to next month.
Let suppose you are through with the above situation, What if after working for 1 year, you are fired from the organisation not because of your performance but because the company don’t have enough cash or upcoming projects?
At least you need some money to support you till the time you get a job. Let say, It is taking 6 month in worst case. You should accumulate enough cash to manage your expenses for 6 months.
For this purpose, I would suggest to save money in savings bank(25%) , fixed deposit(25%)  and  two debt mutual fund (25% each). You must have heard that mutual fund give better return than Bank Fixed Deposit but I see with that you are putting you emergency fund  in too much risk for 1%-2%  extra return.
Earlier I also used to suggest liquid fund but after the Franklin’s Debt Fund Case, I have started considering Bank Fixed Deposit as a best instrument to put in the emergency fund.

Start Planning  Your Retirement

Every day and every moment we are inching towards and death. Death is beautiful thing which gives you freedom from all your worries and responsibilities this mortal world but before your death there comes a time when you are no more earning i.e. RETIREMENT. You should be ready for that since very first salary. You should project an amount you would need at the time of retirement and start Investing for that. Right now, National Pension Scheme (NPS) is the best tool to plan your retirement because it also gives you tax benefit along with your retirement planning.
Just for an estimate, you can receive Rs 24000 per month as pension just by investing merely Rs 2500 per month along with getting tax benefits upto your retirement. I  have done this calculation for a person with age 23 years and retiring at the age of 60 Years and taken 10% of CAGR with 6% of annuity which is very much reasonable.


Kill the Bloody Loan First

If you had taken student loan for your studies so its now your responsibility to pay it off . Because any loan is a biggest burden to your mind and obstacle to your financial independence. You should start killing it from your very first pay cheque.
In case you are lucky enough and have not taken any loan during your studies then you should start investing for your short term goals like bike, car or even marriage. You can start investing in mutual funds or stocks directly  (NO TRADING!!!).
Apart from all these, You should also do some donation of any kind you like. Donation makes your hard earned money more pure. Please purchase something for your Mom and Dad as a token of Love 💛,  Gratitude 😇  and Respect 🙏   for their long term commitment to make you like this. I always wanted to write at this topic. I hope you will like it and Please do let me know how you feel. Also if you have any question comment below, I would love to answer them.

How to join any PSU after engineering?

Are you planning to join PSU?  Then You have come to right place.  I gonna explain the complete process of joining almost any PSU.  So before getting into detail,  Let me tell you that I have prepared a mind map which is self explanatory and will save your lot of time. Please go through it:

You have completed engineering or even pursuing engineering and decided to join PSU. It really great decision for you. This small decision gonna put in a list of serious student. I really appreciate it. This post objective is to explain the process of joining PSUs so Let’s start.

Almost every PSU accept GATE score for recruitment  and those who does not they ask the same question which is asked in GATE. So needless to say that GATE Registration and getting a good score is mandatory.
After you have got your GATE score, you need to apply job at every PSU individually. You can get this information either by checking their official websites or from employment news website. You need to apply for the job by filling personal, educational and GATE registration details. Once you have completed this steps, All you have to do is wait…
Once these PSUs completed the process for screening of all the application processes, They start sending interview call letter. Interview call letter has every information that you need to know. It tell you all the list of documents requires for the joining the interview, Venue and timing of the interview.
Please cross check your document multiple times. If you have applied in some category like EWS/OBC/SC/ST then make sure you are carrying them with you otherwise you will be treated as General Category.
Reach the venue of Interview 30 mins before the time given in the call letter. You never know, how big the venue will be? It may take more 30 min to reach the exact interview location from the GATE. 😅

So you must be knowing that all these Public Sector Enterprises follows almost same pattern for the interview process. We can categorise the whole process into three parts i.e. Personal Interview, Group Discussion and Group Task. GATE Score weightage is 85% and Other process like PI,GT,GD carries 15% but even if the interview process carries 15% weightage, Don’t take it lightly. I have seen top ranked not getting into final list.

Lets me share my view on Personal Interview,Group Task and Group Discussion:

  1. Personal Interview
    Most of the time these it gets finished with normal discussion about you, location ,education and hobbies. Your technical subjects are also asked but very few. Mostly it goes easy. Please be genuine and simple in your answer. Don’t try to outfox the interviewer or Panel. Remember! They are BOSS.
  2. Group Task
    GT is to test how good you are in solving problem as a Team? It is conducted to test your leadership skill, How innovative you are, how good you are in brainstorming?The observer will make a team of 6–10 candidates and the team will be given a problem statement and your team will have to find best solution for that particular problem. You need to co-operate with the team to find the best solution with your innovative ideas and supporting your team members idea only if that is good 🙂 You may encounter with someone’s idea but keep in mind that should be in very amicable and logical way.
  3. Group Discussion
    GD is conducted to evaluate you communication skill and convincing skills. These GDs are not like typical college time GDs. These are well managed and organised. You don’t need to worry, if you have not been in such situation before.The group will be given a topic and you will have to speak “for the motion” or “against the motion”. You will be given time to think about the topic and think about the points and you may take a note of it if you want to but only after asking it from observer.

    Initially every member of the group will be given their time to put your view about the topic. Then they will keep an interval for actual discussion time to counter and prove your point and finally, they will ask every one to conclude.

    So you should keep your opinion. Even if you find some difficulty in the language then speak in Hindi because your opinion matters the most.Most of the time, these GD topics are related to the company product, services only.

Along with revising your core subjects, You should also read about the products and services of the company. You can also watch news channels because it helps in making good opinion. I would recommend two show The Big Picture and Desh Deshantar by Rajya Sabha TV. It helps if any question comes from recent news.

Once you will perform these steps well along with your nice GATE score. You will clear the PSU interview for sure.

But it also depends on the number of vacancies as well. Let say a top PSU is going to recruit only 5 and there more interested candidates who got combined score (in GATE+PI+GT+GD) better than you.Then in such cases definitely you might be in trouble.

After everything is over you will be asked to leave and wait for the result. Once result is out and you are selected then that is your lucky day. Enjoy it with your friends and family. I really wish you join PSU of your choice. I wish you good luck and All the very best.

Always remember, No achievement is bigger than “YOU”.