My Experience with Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness have become buzz word now a days for good reasons. Meditation means “reflect upon” or “contemplate”.  I experience it first time while reading and contemplating a book i.e. the Power of Now by Echort Tolle. It is indeed a very practical book with practical techniques to observe and control one’s mind. I am not an avid meditator but here are some of my experiences with meditation:
1. Uncomfortable at starting it:
It is quite common with me. I always plan that I will meditate after my office hours but I feel so difficult to start the same. Sometimes I have so much of weird though in my mind that this is going to happen  or that will happen if i close my eyes and detach myself from my phone and people.
2. Uncomfortable in sitting in a posture:
In starting few minutes like 5-10 mins i feel normal but after that I feel like my legs are freezing. I feel like moving my legs.
3. Dullness and Confusion:
These are quite common things that happens to me number of times after meditation. I feel incomplete and also it feel like whether I did good or something went wrong. I can say that It is one of the vrittis mentioned by Maharshi Patanjali in Samadhi Pada i.e. Pramana.
4. Excess sleepiness:
I feel so much calm after the meditation but at the same time sometimes I fee so much of the excess sleep. I try not sleep at that time but don’t feel like doing anything else as well.
5. Things fall on line automatically:
After I strated meditating regularly, Things has started to sort out on its own. I started waking up in morning just to feel calm and silence when I meditate. It has also regulated my sleep since i hit the bed early and i found enough time to get ready for everyday stuffs.
6. Peacefulness:
There happened a incident when my boss was so tense because something went wrong. He was so furious and gave 1 hours of lecture. I simply listened to him. Then he asked what to do now? I answered that problems has already been solved !
7. Stillness in mind:
Meditation is kind of practice to get mind to self whenever it goes outside and stuck in non-essential stuffs.
I do get other experiences as well but that I don’t want to bind into mere words.
For a beginner, I would recommend to start with guided meditation i.e. Panchkosha Meditation. I am giving one of my favorite among all by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar:

How I learned Sudarshan Kriya?

I have completed my schooling from Maharshi Arvind Vidya Madir and there was a whole subject for Sharirik Shiksha in class 6th, 7th and 8th. I have had learned few Asanas there but I lacked practicing it later during my college days.
I have forgotten Yoga completely until I got to know my father is going for group yoga in morning. Papa used to tell me about Anulom Vilom and Kapal Bhati but I never took it seriously.
I got enthusiastic about yoga and meditation again after listening so many people from west explaining benefits of it.
Specially when I got to know Steve Jobs has came to India for seeking some spiritual knowledge 😇.
It actually opened my eyes.After that I started listening people like Sandeep Maheshwari, Khursed Bataliwala (Bawa), Sadhguru and even Echort Tolle.
Between all of this quest, I got to know about Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar because of ongoing preparation of World Cultural Festival in 2016.
I searched about Him and I found myself so attached to Him. Later, When I got to know that Bawa is his disciple then I was very much clear about what to do.
I have heard about Sudarshan Kriya by one of the Art of Living Volunteer at IIT Madras Campus for the very first time.
Then searched about it over internet and I found an answer on Quora by Bawa himself and then I did not have any other thought expect to learn this amazing technique as soon as possible.
I made a call at Art of Living Bengaluru Ashram and got a closest and nearest Happiness Program by Johan Arora and Anshul Arora.
The Location was 15 Kms away from where I was staying and 5 Kms away from my Office. I choose evening time to that I could manage it with my office. I attended this course and It was really an eye opener for me.
I would recommend everyone to attend this awesome program so that you will become happy and spread happiness 😃.
Jai Gurudev 🙏