That’s How I started Reading Books-Only 2 Pages a Day

I used to hate books a lot even reeading Only 2 Pages a Day was a difficult job for me. I started listening to Motivational Speakers but I always wonder how these motivational speaker speaks so well and use apt and catchy lines.

It was 2014 and the Nation was going through a lot of turbulance be it political, religious but for me it was Career.

I had started my career as an Software Engineer with Samsung Reseach Institute, Noida in 2012. I got an opportunity to work with a lot of brilliant minds.

We all were different but there was one unique thing among all of us. We all wanted to excel in life.

Some of them landed into top notch IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. and few of them joined adminstritive services to serve the nation and few opted to go for higher studies (M. B. A. , M. S. and M Tech from IISc and IITs).

I always wondered why I am not like them? I started looking for options to increase my productivity and find my motivation.

I wached few vidoes of Sandeep Maheshwari, Sadhguru and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar on motivation, productivity, concentration.

Finally, I decided to appear for GATE CSE in Year 2015. It was a big decision for me because I have been away from my computer science books for more than 2 Years.

Then I decided to join Made Easy Noida so that I could recollect and understand the concepts in depth with renowed teachers like Sh. Subbarao Readdy, Sh Ravikumar Peddapu, Sh. Balakrishna Veerala and Sh. Ramesh Sundaram. (Just to name a few).

I did fairly okay that year but it was not good enough to get into IIT so I tried again next year for GATE 2016.

I was having 2 choices again either to repeat the coaching or do self study. I was not having confidence in that I will be able to complete syllabus on my own.

So I decided to take a middle path and joined Ravindra Kumar Ravula’s Online Classes. He is a very good teacher and at the same time he is growth hugry person and He also wanted same with his students.

Apart from regular classes, He used to upoad some motivation videos regarding GATE and about some life stories.

During the same period, He suggested to read The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz to keep yourself motivated and he suggested to read only 2 pages per day.

I could never thought that I could ever complete a book but I did. It was an amzing achievement for me.

I don’t read many books but I would have read more than 50 books after that. I also learned Speedy Reading. I will write about it also some time.

Reading helped me to understand different perspective of life and even I started becoming more confident because I always wanted to read books but It was just a matter of start.

You too can. It is just a matter of start.

Start Small Only 2 Pages a Day !

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