How to join any PSU after engineering?

Are you planning to join PSU?  Then You have come to right place.  I gonna explain the complete process of joining almost any PSU.  So before getting into detail,  Let me tell you that I have prepared a mind map which is self explanatory and will save your lot of time. Please go through it:

You have completed engineering or even pursuing engineering and decided to join PSU. It really great decision for you. This small decision gonna put in a list of serious student. I really appreciate it. This post objective is to explain the process of joining PSUs so Let’s start.

Almost every PSU accept GATE score for recruitment  and those who does not they ask the same question which is asked in GATE. So needless to say that GATE Registration and getting a good score is mandatory.
After you have got your GATE score, you need to apply job at every PSU individually. You can get this information either by checking their official websites or from employment news website. You need to apply for the job by filling personal, educational and GATE registration details. Once you have completed this steps, All you have to do is wait…
Once these PSUs completed the process for screening of all the application processes, They start sending interview call letter. Interview call letter has every information that you need to know. It tell you all the list of documents requires for the joining the interview, Venue and timing of the interview.
Please cross check your document multiple times. If you have applied in some category like EWS/OBC/SC/ST then make sure you are carrying them with you otherwise you will be treated as General Category.
Reach the venue of Interview 30 mins before the time given in the call letter. You never know, how big the venue will be? It may take more 30 min to reach the exact interview location from the GATE. 😅

So you must be knowing that all these Public Sector Enterprises follows almost same pattern for the interview process. We can categorise the whole process into three parts i.e. Personal Interview, Group Discussion and Group Task. GATE Score weightage is 85% and Other process like PI,GT,GD carries 15% but even if the interview process carries 15% weightage, Don’t take it lightly. I have seen top ranked not getting into final list.

Lets me share my view on Personal Interview,Group Task and Group Discussion:

  1. Personal Interview
    Most of the time these it gets finished with normal discussion about you, location ,education and hobbies. Your technical subjects are also asked but very few. Mostly it goes easy. Please be genuine and simple in your answer. Don’t try to outfox the interviewer or Panel. Remember! They are BOSS.
  2. Group Task
    GT is to test how good you are in solving problem as a Team? It is conducted to test your leadership skill, How innovative you are, how good you are in brainstorming?The observer will make a team of 6–10 candidates and the team will be given a problem statement and your team will have to find best solution for that particular problem. You need to co-operate with the team to find the best solution with your innovative ideas and supporting your team members idea only if that is good 🙂 You may encounter with someone’s idea but keep in mind that should be in very amicable and logical way.
  3. Group Discussion
    GD is conducted to evaluate you communication skill and convincing skills. These GDs are not like typical college time GDs. These are well managed and organised. You don’t need to worry, if you have not been in such situation before.The group will be given a topic and you will have to speak “for the motion” or “against the motion”. You will be given time to think about the topic and think about the points and you may take a note of it if you want to but only after asking it from observer.

    Initially every member of the group will be given their time to put your view about the topic. Then they will keep an interval for actual discussion time to counter and prove your point and finally, they will ask every one to conclude.

    So you should keep your opinion. Even if you find some difficulty in the language then speak in Hindi because your opinion matters the most.Most of the time, these GD topics are related to the company product, services only.

Along with revising your core subjects, You should also read about the products and services of the company. You can also watch news channels because it helps in making good opinion. I would recommend two show The Big Picture and Desh Deshantar by Rajya Sabha TV. It helps if any question comes from recent news.

Once you will perform these steps well along with your nice GATE score. You will clear the PSU interview for sure.

But it also depends on the number of vacancies as well. Let say a top PSU is going to recruit only 5 and there more interested candidates who got combined score (in GATE+PI+GT+GD) better than you.Then in such cases definitely you might be in trouble.

After everything is over you will be asked to leave and wait for the result. Once result is out and you are selected then that is your lucky day. Enjoy it with your friends and family. I really wish you join PSU of your choice. I wish you good luck and All the very best.

Always remember, No achievement is bigger than “YOU”.