My Experience with Sri Sri Yoga Level-II
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After completion of my Online Sri Sri Yoga Level-I, I was so much keen to join the Online Sri Sri Yoga Level-II and to continue these yoga practices for longer enough to make it a daily routine of mine. My expectations with level 2 was like, I will do some next level yoga. I was expecting to learn some more challenging postures and Asanas but nothing of that sort I found.

In fact after completing the course, I realised that difficult and challenging postures are not the real Yoga. True meaning of Yoga is when you are in harmony with your body, mind and breath.

Guided meditation in Gurudev’s voice is always a blessing in all of the Art of Living courses.

Best part of this Online Sri Sri Yoga Level – II was that I got to know about “Patanjali Yoga Sutra”. I have always heard of it and have made perception of it but never experienced it. It was my fortune to listen the Gurudev’s commentary on most of the sutras of Samadhi Pada. He explains things so easily and practically that you can actually feel it. After listening few Sutras, i though, Why I have not read it before.

One Sutra which I personally liked that is : स तु दीर्घकालनैरंतर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढभूमि ||

I love it not only because it tell about a way for a seeker but also It very practical for everyone else. This sutra tells, “one should practice his duty(/yog/practices) with honour(/respect/love) to be perfect for long time.There are many more such Sutras and Maharshi Patanjali has compiled the whole human behaviour, ailment and its solutions in this book.

We alway have some or other doubt (Sansay) but on the path of yoga you can not have doubt. Either you have to clear the doubt or you will stop moving on the path of Yoga. Maharshi Patanjali has enlisted nine obstacles on the path of yoga. Doubt (Sansay) is one of those. I am reminding it because I always had this doubt in my mind that how is Sudarshan Kriya helpful and where is it mentioned in the scriptures? I was kind of constantly looking for Praman of this question.

Then something amazing happened on 4th day of Online Sri Sri Yoga Level -II, Gurudev explained a Sutra from “Patanjali Yoga Sutra” that cleared all of my doubt about “Sudarshan Kriya”.

I also experience the Subtle Strengthening and healing Contractions (Sahasi) technique in this course. It’s really and amazing practice for whole body nerve. This technique is really awesome.

I also got to learn about the Shankhaprakshalana Kriya. It an ayurvedic technique for physical purification because it will clean the intestine tract by removing the impurities with salty water. This practice is also known as “Varisar Dhouti”. Please practice this technique only in the presence of Yoga Teacher.

I would recommend everyone to join these yoga courses. You will get better health and mind after the course.

Jai Gurudev


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