Myths and Facts about Petrol Price in India

Coal, Diesel and Petrol are still the major source for energy in our country. That’s why rise in petrol price become a very big concern among the general public. That why I am going to share Myths and Facts about Petrol Price in India for bigger picture regarding petrol price in India.


Petrol prices can be as low as Rs 35/Ltr or Rs 40/Ltr. Even some time people share some picture on social media explaining how the petrol price are very low in our neighbouring countries ? For example this
With such fake document, few people infer that Indian OMCs(Oil Marketing Companies) are doing nothing but a loot. Which is totally absurd and wrong interpretation.


Whenever I see such kind of rumours I feel so bad  but now i am taking this as an opportunity to explain why we, the people of India, pay this much of price.
Firstly, You do google search and you will get to know what are the petrol prices in Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh? & you will find that these price figures are totally wrong.
To make your job easy, I have already taken petroleum product’s prices in our neighbouring countries from Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell for the shake fo authenticity.
You can clearly see that how the above spread data is wrong.
I think nobody points out “Why the Kerosene & LPG price in India are lowest among all the neighbouring countries which run every common individual’s kitchen?”
Secondly, It would be better to know the price build up to understand why petrol retail prices are this much. I am taking today’s(i.e. 27 Aug 2018) data for explaining the price buildup.
Price build up is self explanatory.
Please share this to everyone and relax.