My Experience with Jal Neti

Today I am going to share my experience with Jal Neti. I got to know about this from a Spiritual Teacher Shri Janardhanan Kuliyan. He imparted this knowledge to me as a part of his healings. You may read him on Kundalini Powers “My Experience with Mysterious Kundalini Powers: Spirtual Healing and Alternate Therapies Kindle Edition.

Jal Neti is an ancient yogic practice to keep nasal passes clean and strengthens respiratory system. It has lot of benefits as written in many books but I will be sharing what I have experience till now.

I always used to feel that one of my nasal pass is blocked and I am not breathing fully with that particular nasal pass. Breathing is equivalent to living. If you are not breathing well then You are not living well. It made my breathing better with time and I now feel like living more.

If you are not breathing well then You are not living well. 

Once I started feeling better with the breathing pattern. I also started feeling to have improved vision, calmness in mind and also reduction in my anger.

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Thank you for reading me  🙂