Tortoise – A Symbol of Success

You must have seen many shopkeepers, jewellers and even households have kept tortoise in a water filled plate of brass (or glass).

Photo (1) : Feng Sui Tortoise
I have asked many about “What is the significance of it?” Mostly They answered  that they keep it for better career or longevity of life or to fulfil their wish with best of it time.All they have to do is change the water and remind them of the wish every single day.
I found it very illogical. Whenever I see such tortoise idol and It reminds me of a story of “Tortoise and Hare race” so we all know tortoise is a symbol of success.

Photo(2) : Tortoise and Hare Race
So merely by keeping tortoise your wish will not be fulfilled instead you have to work slowly but steady fashion like tortoise does.


“Slow and Steady wins the race”
Tortoise is just a symbol to remind you that “Slow but steady wins the race”. You can even keep a photo of tortoise and which remind you that you don’t have to stop.

1. Feng Sui Tortoise
2. Tortoise and Hare Race